Interviews from Quito – Voting in Venezuela

Today our host Gregory Wilpert interviews Tibisay Lucena, the President of the National Electoral Council of Venezuela. With reference to the low electoral participation of large segments of the population of Latin America, Wilpert observes that it is not enough to have clean, fair elections if the people don’t go to the polls. To what … Continue reading

Interviews from Quito – Norwegian Journalist Eirik Vold on Wikileaks

In today’s program, teleSUR’s Gregory Wilpert interviews Norwegian author and investigative journalist Eirik Vold. The author of a biography of Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez that will be available in English in a few months, Vold has been investigating the Wikileaks cables, particularly as regards destabilization efforts by Washington directed against progressive governments in Latin America, … Continue reading

Interviews from Quito – The Struggle in Kurdistan

One of the longest conflicts in the highly conflict-hidden Middle East is the struggle of the 40 million Kurdish people for self-determination. Living in southeastern Turkey, northern Syria, northern Iraq, and western Iran, in addition to a sizable diaspora in Western Europe, Kurds have been subject to various forms of ethnic discrimination and repression in … Continue reading