Interviews from Quito – Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution Today

Blanca Eckhout, Venezuela National Assembly Representative, explains the Venezuelan revolution and its future challenges. She discusses U.S. meddling in the Colombian border crisis, ExxonMobil’s interference in the Essequibo territory dispute, and how the international media has covered these topics.

Interviews from Quito – Malvinas Islands are not Falklands

The Malvinas Islands have been occupied by the U.K. since 1833, when British warships seized the archipelago. Argentina has long rejected Britain’s claim to the islands. Argentine Secretary for Malvinas Affairs, Daniel Filmus, explains why the islands are Argentinian and Latin American territory, and what his government is doing about it.

Interviews from Quito – An Analysis on Colombian Peace Talks

Colombian Senators Ivan Cepeda and Piedad Cordova speaks to teleSUR about the peace talks in Havana and the future of Colombia. Also several actors of the process explain their perspective about the agreement.

Interviews from Quito: UNASUR President Ernesto Samper

Ernesto Samper is the Secretary General of the Union of South American Nations, headquartered in Quito, Ecuador. In this interview, Samper talks about regional unity, development, and internal crisis resolution.

Interviews from Quito: Exclusive with the Cuban Five

On December 14, 2014, the remaining members of the Cuban Five were released from prison after serving more than 16 years in prison on trumped up charges in the United States.