Interviews from Quito – Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution Today

Blanca Eckhout, Venezuela National Assembly Representative, explains the Venezuelan revolution and its future challenges. She discusses U.S. meddling in the Colombian border crisis, ExxonMobil’s interference in the Essequibo territory dispute, and how the international media has covered these topics.

Interviews from Quito – Voting in Venezuela

Today our host Gregory Wilpert interviews Tibisay Lucena, the President of the National Electoral Council of Venezuela. With reference to the low electoral participation of large segments of the population of Latin America, Wilpert observes that it is not enough to have clean, fair elections if the people don’t go to the polls. To what … Continue reading

Interviews from Quito – Economic strides and challenges in Venezuela

Today our host Gregory Wilpert interviews Alfred Serrano, a Spanish economist who has served as an advisor to the governments of Ecuador, Bolivia and Venezuela and is also the author of “The Economic Thought of Hugo Chavez”. The discussion touches on Venezuela’s main economic problems, particularly inflation and food shortages, and their causes. These must … Continue reading

Interviews from Quito – Ignacio Ramonet

Today Gregory Wilpert interviews Ignacio Ramonet, the former editor of Le Monde Diplomatique and also the author of numerous books, including book-length interviews with Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez and who has also written a lot on the mass media and the changing media landscape. The conversation begins with a discussion of methods being used … Continue reading