Interviews from Quito – Greek Reality and European Alternatives

Today our host Gregory Wilpert interviews Greek activist and lawyer Antonis Broumas and Ulrich Brand, Professor of Political Science at the University of Vienna. Broumas notes that the Syriza party has made a U-turn, adopting the recently approved austerity rescue package, while the split-off Left Platform endeavors to carry the politics of the NO referendum … Continue reading

Interviews from Quito – The Struggle in Kurdistan

One of the longest conflicts in the highly conflict-hidden Middle East is the struggle of the 40 million Kurdish people for self-determination. Living in southeastern Turkey, northern Syria, northern Iraq, and western Iran, in addition to a sizable diaspora in Western Europe, Kurds have been subject to various forms of ethnic discrimination and repression in … Continue reading

Interviews from Quito – “Die Linke” Party Co-Chair Bernd Riexinger

In this program our host Gregory Wilpert interviews Bernd Riexinger, the co-chair of the German Left Party “Die Linke,” the result of the unification of the Party of Democratic Socialism in East Germany and a split-off group of the German Social Democratic Party of West Germany. The two first discuss Riexinger’s motives for touring Latin … Continue reading