Can Progressives Bring Democracy to the USA?

Whether or not progressives should support Obama in 2012 is not only a matter of whether Obama would be better as president than his Republican opponent, but also a question of what are the other strategic choices that progressives have when confronted with the ballot and with the presidential campaign more generally. Obvious other possible … Continue reading


Interviews from Quito: Simon Bolivar and the Jamaica Letter

Simon Bolivar’s original Jamaica Letter was discovered in Ecuador in 1996, but was only verified 19 years later in 2014, thanks to the struggle of historian Amilcar Varela. He tells host Gregory Wilpert his extraordinary story. teleSUR

Interviews from Quito: Latin America and Climate Change

Gregory Wilpert talks to Ecuador’s new environment minister, Daniel Ortega, about the position that Latin American and Caribbean countries are arguing at the COP 21 climate summit in Paris. Ortega has been deeply involved in UN climate negotiations for years and helped to coordinate the joint stance of the CELAC countries.

Interviews from Quito: A Thousand Letters, Women’s Stories of Violence

In a historic event in Quito, over 600 men read letters of real stories written by women about violence they have experienced. The performance was organized by Susan Lacey, a committed performance artist from the United States. In this exclusive interview, teleSUR speaks with Paulina Leon, the coordinator of the Contemporary Art Center in Quito … Continue reading

Interviews from Quito: Eirik Vold on NATO, Wikileaks and Latin America

Researcher Eirik Vold explains the future of NATO under the Norwegian leadership of Jens Stoltenberg.

Interviews from Quito – Ecuador’s National Assembly President Gabriela Rivadeneira

Gabriela Rivanedeira, president of the National Assembly of Ecuador analyzes the situation in the region, now that countries like Ecuador and Venezuela are facing financial constraints due to the fall in oil prices. As she points out the risk of continuing destabilization due to foreign interests and right-wing movements, she also stresses the importance of … Continue reading

Interviews from Quito – Challenges for El Salvador’s FMLN

The long struggle that the Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front (FMLN) waged for democracy was well worth it in El Salvador, seeing the dismantling of the dictatorship. Maria Marta Valladares, also known as Nidia Diaz, former guerilla and now a legislator, explains how the FMLN, now in government, is dismantling attempts by powerful sectors to … Continue reading

Interviews from Quito – Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution Today

Blanca Eckhout, Venezuela National Assembly Representative, explains the Venezuelan revolution and its future challenges. She discusses U.S. meddling in the Colombian border crisis, ExxonMobil’s interference in the Essequibo territory dispute, and how the international media has covered these topics.

Interviews from Quito – Malvinas Islands are not Falklands

The Malvinas Islands have been occupied by the U.K. since 1833, when British warships seized the archipelago. Argentina has long rejected Britain’s claim to the islands. Argentine Secretary for Malvinas Affairs, Daniel Filmus, explains why the islands are Argentinian and Latin American territory, and what his government is doing about it.

Interviews from Quito – An Analysis on Colombian Peace Talks

Colombian Senators Ivan Cepeda and Piedad Cordova speaks to teleSUR about the peace talks in Havana and the future of Colombia. Also several actors of the process explain their perspective about the agreement.

Interviews from Quito: UNASUR President Ernesto Samper

Ernesto Samper is the Secretary General of the Union of South American Nations, headquartered in Quito, Ecuador. In this interview, Samper talks about regional unity, development, and internal crisis resolution.