Interviews from Quito – Norwegian Journalist Eirik Vold on Wikileaks

In today’s program, teleSUR’s Gregory Wilpert interviews Norwegian author and investigative journalist Eirik Vold. The author of a biography of Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez that will be available in English in a few months, Vold has been investigating the Wikileaks cables, particularly as regards destabilization efforts by Washington directed against progressive governments in Latin America, particularly Venezuela and Ecuador. Vold discusses what he has uncovered in these secret government documents, in the very words of the U.S. diplomats involved. In thousands upon thousands of secret cables, these U.S. government officials honesty and candidly describe their attempts to topple democratically elected governments in the region. Far from the official rhetoric publicly employed by Washington, these cables show how U.S. diplomats really assessed the situation in Latin America, the role and importance of Hugo Chavez, and the part played by the local mass media and NGOs. teleSUR


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