Interviews from Quito – “Die Linke” Party Co-Chair Bernd Riexinger

In this program our host Gregory Wilpert interviews Bernd Riexinger, the co-chair of the German Left Party “Die Linke,” the result of the unification of the Party of Democratic Socialism in East Germany and a split-off group of the German Social Democratic Party of West Germany. The two first discuss Riexinger’s motives for touring Latin … Continue reading

Interviews from Quito – Economic strides and challenges in Venezuela

Today our host Gregory Wilpert interviews Alfred Serrano, a Spanish economist who has served as an advisor to the governments of Ecuador, Bolivia and Venezuela and is also the author of “The Economic Thought of Hugo Chavez”. The discussion touches on Venezuela’s main economic problems, particularly inflation and food shortages, and their causes. These must … Continue reading

Interviews from Quito – Ignacio Ramonet

Today Gregory Wilpert interviews Ignacio Ramonet, the former editor of Le Monde Diplomatique and also the author of numerous books, including book-length interviews with Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez and who has also written a lot on the mass media and the changing media landscape. The conversation begins with a discussion of methods being used … Continue reading

Interviews from Quito – A subsidy for the 5 largest banks?

Today Gregory Wilpert interviews William Black, the author of The Best Way to Rob a Bank is to Own One. Black is an expert in financial regulation and currently an advisor of the Rafael Correa administration in Ecuador. But the conversation focuses on new attempts to totally do away with already weakened banking regulations in … Continue reading

Interviews from Quito – Marta Harnecker

In today’s program, Greg Wilpert interviews the well-known theoretician of the Latin American left, Marta Harnecker. The Chilean-born author and activist is known worldwide for her writings on Marxist philosophy, Venezuela and Hugo Chavez, and the challenges facing the Latin American left in the 21st century. Her latest book “A World to Build-New Paths to … Continue reading

Interviews from Quito – Atilio Boron

In today’s program, Gregory Wilpert interviews the well-known Argentine political analyst Atilio Boron, author of more than 20 books on imperialism, geopolitics, and Latin America and winner of the 2012 Liberator Award for Critical Thinking, first established by Hugo Chavez. Among the topics Boron discusses are the place of Latin America in today’s world and … Continue reading

Interviews From Quito – David Harvey on the Contradictions of Capital

In this week’s program, Gregory Wilpert interviews David Harvey, well-known and often cited left academic, author of more than 20 books, the most recent of which is “Seventeen Contradictions of Capital and the End of Capitalism”. Harvey discusses the reasons for the longevity and dynamism of capitalism, the contradictions of capital, and points of tension. … Continue reading

Can Progressives Bring Democracy to the USA?

Whether or not progressives should support Obama in 2012 is not only a matter of whether Obama would be better as president than his Republican opponent, but also a question of what are the other strategic choices that progressives have when confronted with the ballot and with the presidential campaign more generally. Obvious other possible … Continue reading

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Support Obama in 2012? The Policies So Far

Part 1 of a two-part series on left strategy in the age of Obama Click here for part 2: Can Progressives Bring Democracy to the USA?   Progressives are going to face a tough choice this coming November: should they vote for Barack Obama or not? Obama, who was a beacon of hope and change … Continue reading